shiatsu healing

Shiatsu Massage  and  Healing

When you think you cant take any more&. shiatsu healing is here to help.

How do you deal with the stress? How does it display in your body?

Shiatsu Massage and Healing can relieve the stress and pain that comes that comes with overwork, worry, and illness.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure.

Shiatsu Massage and Healing is an energy-based bodywork therapy.

It incorporates the theory of acupuncture which proposes that energy, known as chi or ki moves through the body along pathways called meridians.Creating balance in these energy flows is considered to be essential for health and well-being. Shiatsu involves the application of pressure on points and energy pathways on the body using the practitioners fingers, hands, elbow, knee or feet.

Shiatsu is characterized by its simplicity and adapts itself to your individual, unique needs.

Its important to note that shiatsu healing treatments are done through the clothing.

How can shiatsu help?

Some common syndromes which may be helped by shiatsu healing include headaches, migraine, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, backaches & sciatica, coughs, colds, menstrual problems, respiratory illnesses including asthma and bronchitis, sinus trouble and catarrh, insomnia, tension, anxiety and depression, fatigue and weakness, digestive disorders and bowel trouble, circulatory problems, rheumatic and arthritic complaints, sciatica and conditions following sprains and injuries.

Treatment of all these conditions will be given through an Oriental approach to diagnosis,through touch and listening and discovery as we treat.

It is always important that the conventional Western diagnosis is confirmed and considered as well. If you are not sure whether this form of treatment is appropriate for you, consult your physician before coming along.

What happens in a session? What can I expect?

Shiatsu is a full body treatment.

Each session lasts between 60-90 minutes. Loose comfortable clothing is suggested. We work on the floor on a futon or a duvet or mat.

A shiatsu treatment generally includes a full body massage using finger and hand pressure,assisted stretching along the meridian lines,and as we progress- deeper pressure as we focus on your “problem areas.”

Many people find shiatsu simultaneously relaxing and energizing.

It’s best to allow at least an hour before you return to your daily routine.

Many people report enhanced sleep after receiving shiatsu.

How often should I have Shiatsu Massage and Healing ?

A shiatsu treatment is very enjoyable as a one-off “stress buster, a course of 3-12 weekly  sessions is recommended to achieve maximum benefits.

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