Shiatsu for Absolute Beginners- available NOW!!@LondonShiatsu

Shiatsu Class for Absolute Beginners- available in London

This is a class to be taken with a partner or friend.

This class will give you the foundation to give a basic shiatsu massage  to a friend or loved one!

You will leave with the ability to to give a full body shiatsu massage

• How to connect with and ‘listen to’ your receiver

• How to apply proper pressure with fingers, palms, or elbows.

• Correct positions to work effectively and comfortably

  • • How to move smoothly around your partner
  • nothing to memorize nothing technical

• How to work from your centre(hara in Japanese)

  • Classes can be at your home with just you and your partner or at our space with a maximum of 3 pairs of students
  • Cost £250 per pair/couple for up to 8 hours of training over 2 sessions or slightly less in  a group environment

You will learn the outline, step by step, working on your partner, and receive it as well.

A simple yet wonderfully effective treatment that will not only leave your partner relaxed, but also connect you with your own centre and innate healing abilities.

No prior training or experience is required, just a willingness to learn, relax and get a wonderful shiatsu session from someone you care about.

A great skill to have, on its own or as a foundation or supplement to further bodywork training.

I’ll be bringing you my twenty years’ experience as a shiatsu therapist and will guide step by step through the basics of shiatsu. 

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