About The Last Healer

Shiatsu Healer,Auricular Acupuncturist, City of London Guide,

Passioniate Amateur  Photographer, Husband, Father

To find out more go to London Shiatsu


My purpose with this blog is to share information about a way of healing the body mind and spirit.

It’s an aggregator site in one way – to offer you the reader with useful information about  ways to health and well-being.

Many or even most I have used myself

Ultimately it’s about a way of looking at things and a way of doing things.

My focus is on who you are while you are doing it.

The intention in this blog is to complement LondonShiatsu.com my main site with more about the experience of healing – subjective- things I have seen and read that opened my own mind that may open yours.

Hopefully the content here will entertain as well as educate – provoke discussion and conversations.

About the name ‘The Last Healer’ it’s a bit of both light and dark

One comment

  1. Dear Last Healer: lovely website, wonderful pictures. Keep up the good work! best wishes from John Lewis, Shiatsu teacher, Finland.

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